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Terms and conditions

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Terms and conditions

These terms describe the relationship between GO Liquidator and final Customer (Buyer)

  1.   All sales are Final, meaning all goods are sold AS-IS. Returns or exchanges are not acceptable.
  2.   Products are offered for sale in various conditions, they are based on information provided by our suppliers, nevertheless, these classifications are not necessarily accurate. For example:

Brand New items have never been opened, are fully functional and ready to sell. May include overstock, excess inventory, closeout and shelf pull.

Like New fully functional and retail-ready although they may show cosmetic flaws

Customer Returns may have cosmetic issues, including dents, scratches, and signs of age, use or handling.

Scratch & Dent have cosmetic issues and/or functionality defects.

Salvage non-functional, have substantial cosmetic defects.

  1.   The conditions will be mentioned in the offer, so the buyer knows what type of merchandise is being purchased.
  2.   GO Liquidator does not offer any type of warranty on the advertised merchandise, due to the nature of the goods. Please note these are liquidations and this means we cannot warranty: Number exact of items, even if there is a manifest attached (some discrepancies may appear, but is not common), condition of goods since we rely on the information supplied by our several suppliers. Additional costs associated with export logistics such as Handloading and/ or Pallets left out from the container at the loading site. To minimize these situations, we can quote the additional costs that will be covered by the buyer. If unfortunately, you were to experience any issues or concerns, please call or email us and we will always work to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Our objective is to provide the best service possible and the best purchasing experience.
  3.   Sales and Payment Process: Go Liquidator uses diverse marketing communication channels to reach you to potential buyers. Initially, you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives who will take your request and return a full quote including freight costs to destination. Once the quote is approved by the buyer, GO Liquidator will proceed to issue an Invoice. Payments methods: Wire transfer only.
  4.   Shipment: Go Liquidator provides the service of Shipping costs and will recommend our trusted Shipping companies to provide you a timely dispatch. Please contact your sales representative who will provide the follow-up information on your shipment. GO Liquidator offers the service of freight quoting, but the responsibility to carry out the Nationalization (import) process to the country of destiny is the buyers.
  5.   Special Product Condition:

Some of our offers may be labeled as:

  •       Export Only, with restrictions to be sold in certain countries.
  •       Euro prices (For our customers in Europe)
  •       Sanitary Invoice, Release Letter and other documents (these may or may not be provided, based on the supplier’s availability.


Download here the complete guide about merchandise sold by Go Liquidator LLC.